PhilipsTalk with Richard Shea (Video)

7 thoughts on “PhilipsTalk with Richard Shea (Video)

  1. I enjoyed the interview. It was good to hear what is going on and Supervisor Shea’s discussion of possible reassessment was enlightening and diffused some fear that will naturally be generated at the meer mention of the word. Bring it on! We need the extra capital it will generate. It’s past time some properties paid their fair share.

  2. Thanks, Richard, for the clear and reasoned comments on many issues facing the Town.

  3. I hope our Cold Spring elected officials and the comprehensive plan board have an opportunity to watch this excellent interview – at least the segment on zoning. The way forward is through respectful dialog, citizen participation, and (ouch) compromise.

  4. Good, unhurried conversation about some of our current concerns and very well done IMHO. Responding to Shea’s invitation to discuss any concerns about the proposed zoning, I visited with him at Town Hall and was impressed with the man, his vision and his modest demeanor.
    My questions answered to satisfaction, I concluded that our town is in good hands with this fine public servant.

    In the same category I enjoyed observing Gordon Stewart, who I have not met. Since I am but a part-time resident, I now have Stewart and
    his site to thank for being able to be kept up to the minute on all that is Philipstown. Unquestionably a valuable addition to Putnam

  5. One of the most inspiring, interesting and uplifting conversations I’ve listened to in years.

    Two extremely articulate speakers, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Shea, managed to demonstrate an amazing flair and cogency in what I presume to be ‘local’ politics.

    Breathtaking, yet fortunately, reassuring.

    The United States has managed, by foreign policy blundering, to unnecessarily alienate far too many, especially in Europe, and particularly on this little island known over there as the UK.

    Supervisor RS could teach all of us a thing or three about what ‘politics’ in the context of community actually means.
    Thank you.
    I hope for the town’s sake he is re-elected come November.

    Congratulations on the website.