Dunkin’ Donuts Coming? Elmesco Project Prompts Rumors

Planning Board to Discuss at Next Meeting

By Liz Schevtchuk Armstrong

A simple line in the Cold Spring Planning Board agenda for Tuesday (April 3) is feeding speculation that the Elmesco garage and gasoline station at the edge of the Foodtown Plaza seeks to install a Dunkin’ Donuts shop on its premises.

As its first item for discussion on Tuesday, the Planning Board agenda lists “introduction to Elmesco application, referred by building inspector.” Released shortly before the weekend, the agenda had by Saturday afternoon spawned speculation that something major might be afoot – like a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise, to replace the car-repair bays at Elmesco.

It remains to be seen how such a venture might affect the already often-traffic-congested Foodtown Plaza area, or other businesses (such as Main Course and Foodtown) that sell coffee or pastries and snacks to those on the run, the concerns of Benedict Road and Marion Avenue residents, already worried about Foodtown expansion and the location of the post office, or local sentiment against the addition of large national franchise operations to a small village.  The Planning Board meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, at the Village Hall, 85 Main St.

10 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts Coming? Elmesco Project Prompts Rumors

  1. It would also impact Gopops and Copuccino besides not conforming with the comp plan where it’s clear residents do not want formula or franchise businesses. And, we need Elmsco!

  2. Isn’t there an existing village ordinance/resolution/law…whatever..against franchise establishments in Cold Spring?

  3. I believe there are already a few franchises / chains in Cold Spring. Foodtown, is one major one that comes to mind.

  4. This is almost comical. Why would anyone prevent a service oriented business, that would employ local community members, from opening it’s doors in the village?

    If there is a provision banning franchise establishments you had better get ready for your healthy dose of lawsuit.

    You need Elmsco?

  5. We don’t need Elemsco — he needs us! This historic and once charming village is being ruined by people who want this type of change.

  6. I would greatly miss having an excellent car repair in walking distance! It is true we have a couple chains. Hoowever, over and over folks who weighed in on village character issues acknowledged our “specialness” because we have not been “Gapified.” Once we start getting franchises, our local character goes down the tubes. Maybe those who want more chains should move to Fishkill?

  7. actually- I did not mean that last comment! Cold Spring needs diversity of opinion as much as anything else.
    But do think about the job issue carefully. The addition of a third convenience store in the space a a couple blocks could impact the health of three competing busineses so each could end up hurting. As well, think about all the people who work at The MainCourse, Go-Pops and Cuppucino who could very well see decreased sales to the point of having to close up shop. Don’t we want to support them? Maybe we can help Kenny find a non-competeting use for his building- or as suggested above, maybe he could lease it to the Post Office. They could have their retail counter and boxes there, and the sorting facility elsewhere. Win-win.