First-Year Anniversary Note

By Gordon Stewart

Of all the feelings evoked by The Paper reaching its first birthday, none stands out more strongly than gratitude.

69Main#1On this anniversary of our first issue I am especially grateful to the writers, editors, designers and managers who have made this weekly journal of Philipstown and its neighbors such an informative, useful, enjoyable and essential part of life in the Hudson Highlands.

And of course we’re grateful to our readers, advertisers and contributors whose responses and support, often expressed spontaneously on our streets and in our stores, warm even our bleakest winter days and brighten even our matchless spring evenings.

Most of all, I’m grateful to be one more part of this astonishing place, whose natural beauty and human ingenuity never cease to amaze or let us down for treasures to find and feature every week.

As for many of us, there are times I wish the whole world knew about the wonders hidden in these hills, while at other times I’d prefer this special place to be the best-kept secret on earth. But like all of us, whether newly arrived or long established, at the sunset of each unforgettable day, I’m just grateful to be here.

On behalf of everyone at and The Paper, thank you for welcoming us and for joining us in celebrating this First Friday of our second year.

3 thoughts on “First-Year Anniversary Note

  1. In a world of never ending conflict, public attack and disagreement, it is refreshing to have a voice that enjoys and supports the community in which we live, promoting the common wealth and well being of our friends and families.

  2. I would like to express my own gratitude to Gordon Stewart and the staff of The Paper for their wonderful publication. You are providing a great service for the people of Philipstown, Cold Spring and vicinity by your in-depth coverage of local issues and the online forum that accompanies the articles. I look forward to getting the daily email updates, especially the superb nature features like the hidden camera at Fahnestock Park that showed the amazing wildlife that’s just around the corner from many of us.

    Although I live in Putnam Valley, I have had a shop on Main Street for the past year, and it’s surprising how much activity of all sorts takes place within such a small geographic area. Like you, I think I’m hooked on the incredible, year-round beauty of this place that often seems like the land that time forgot. While I understand the occasional desire to keep the Village a well-kept secret, I sincerely hope that you and your colleagues will continue to get the word out, near and far, about what a wonderful place Cold Spring is. Many thanks and best wishes to all of you.

  3. As a renowned columnist I want to thank you for giving me a forum to express my thoughts. I can hardly believe a year has passed since I came on board. Happy Birthday. Tara of Sitting On The Bench.