Letter: James Hoch for Garrison Board of Education

On Tuesday, May 20, James Hoch, a write-in candidate for the Garrison School Board election, will get my vote.

I met James several years ago, when he and his wife Marianne Sullivan moved to Garrison with their two young sons, the eldest of whom is currently in the third grade at GUFS. Since their arrival, James has been an active member of our community. With so many committees and organizations to choose from, James has decided that he can best serve our community as a focused and dedicated member of the GUFS school board. I heartily agree.

Currently a professor at Ramapo and Sarah Lawrence Colleges, James has more than 20 years of experience as an educator. He’s someone who has the best interests of all students in mind and who has worked within the budgeting constraints of a public educational system to bring a dynamic, rigorous curriculum to the classroom. James will bring that experience and a balanced approach to implementing and overseeing district policy. His fresh perspective and enthusiasm will be an asset as the board begins working with the new superintendent, Laura Mitchell, to continue to move our school — and our children — forward.

Please join me and write in James Hoch on May 20 in the Garrison School Board of Education election.

Suzanne Murray

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4 thoughts on “Letter: James Hoch for Garrison Board of Education

  1. James and I have attended lots of board meetings together, and I’ve had a chance to listen to his ideas about making our very good school better. He has a broad and deep understanding of curriculum issues and a hands-on sense of how to make good teachers even more effective. We have a superb new superintendent and an excellent school board. The board will be even better with an educator who has James’ credentials and good sense.

  2. I first met James when he and his wife, Marianne, were in the throes of their Garrison house hunting adventure. My wife (Nell) and I liked them both instantly. Since then, there have been plenty of family dinners, birthday parties and nights out. I’d be hard pressed to remember one of these get-togethers that didn’t involve impassioned discussions focused on our hopes and dreams for our children. We could visualize the people we’d hope our kids might become, visualize their creativity and thoughtfulness and struggled with how to make their journey a positive adventure.

    Thoreau wrote, “If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” James is working to build those foundations.

    James is a poet. He is an educator. He is an observer and listener. He will make an excellent school board member. Write in James Hoch on May 20.

  3. I have been fortunate enough to witness the passion and insight that James Hoch brings to the school board meetings on numerous occasions. James is an experienced educator who is deeply committed to our community. He is certain to make a substantive contribution to the school board as a member. Please write in James Hoch on May 20.