A Note from Our Board

The Board of Directors of Philipstown.Info, Inc., has temporarily suspended its fundraising operations in support of Philipstown.info and The Paper. We are taking this action as a result of notification from the Internal Revenue Service that our tax-exempt status has been revoked due to a failure to file certain tax documents in a timely manner. The death of founder Gordon Stewart last November has complicated the matter of reviewing the tax documentation.

We wish to assure all those who have generously donated to our organization that this IRS action does not affect the tax deductibility of contributions made before March 9 of this year. We are, of course, working to resolve this matter and to restore our tax-exempt status as quickly as possible so that we may resume our fundraising efforts.

In the meantime, the operations of our newspaper and website will continue exactly as before. And the board remains fully committed to the mission of Philipstown.info and The Paper, now and into the future.

Christine Bockelmann
Chair, Board of Directors
Philipstown.Info, Inc.

4 thoughts on “A Note from Our Board

  1. Hope this gets straightened out quickly. Your publication is a crucial organ of our community!

  2. Am relieved that this IRS bump will not cause interruption of your publication and its essential independent reporting of the news.

  3. You are a treasure in our community. So grateful this is being worked out, because we need you!

    • I second John’s comments. Without you we are only left with word of mouth as a trusted source for news in our community.