Go-Go Pops begins home delivery

By Alison Rooney

For those who live in a city, the array of home delivery options is inexhaustible. But in Philipstown, options seem limited to pizza, pizza and the other items on a pizzeria menu. Starting Feb. 2, Go-Go Pops in Cold Spring hopes to change that by delivering fresh, plant-based foods.

“A lot of people just know us for our pops and coffee, but we also focus on savory foods that are healthy,” says Lynn Miller, who, along with her husband Greg, owns the Main Street establishment. “We’re very, very excited to be bring wonderful food options — home meal replacements — to our friends in Philipstown.”

The offerings will include some constants and some rotating items, most sourced from the many farmers’ markets the Millers attend each weekend. The emphasis will be on more than just healthy ingredients, Greg Miller says. “It’s all delicious, too; it looks healthy but it’s also fantastic. Lynn and I both have vegetarian restaurant backgrounds and this is is about great food that happens to be vegetarian.” Lynn adds, “These are meals that you can feel good about eating.”

Greg and Lynn Miller, proprietor of Go-Go Pops. (Photo by A. Rooney)
Greg and Lynn Miller, proprietor of Go-Go Pops. (Photo by A. Rooney)

The selections will usually include four soups, with two staples, chicken vegetable (“I just love our chicken soup — it’s truly good for whatever ails you — it’s tasty and brothy,” Lynn says) and vegetarian chili. Five salads will be offered, mixed greens and four “hearty” varieties (e.g., kale and wild rice, roasted tofu, and two types of roasted beet). Some of the salads can be heated up and served either as the focal point of a meal or as an accompaniment.

There’ll also be items like bean burgers and stuffed potatoes with vegetables on the side, which Greg calls “a meal on its own.” And, venturing beyond their own creations, Go-Go Pops will feature homemade steamed dumplings, made by a purveyor they met at a market. The Millers started bringing them home to enjoy after a long day’s work. “They’re like nothing I’ve ever had before,” Greg says, “so flavorful, plump, wonderful.” The dumplings will be available with chicken, pork or vegetable fillings with a side of Asian slaw, accompanied by a bowl of dressing.

Everything sold in the store will now be available for home delivery. (Photo by A. Rooney)
Everything sold in the store will now be available for home delivery. (Photo by A. Rooney)

Prompted by the difficult retail winters (especially last year), the Millers “decided to fill the ‘I’m too tired to cook — or clean — need,’” Lynn says. “Also, one of the handicaps for local businesses is the perception of no parking. We thought we’d eliminate that roadblock by ‘bringing it to you.’ ”

One positive by-product of the service will be to provide jobs to local teenagers, something the Millers feel strongly about. “We’re hoping people will recognize that we are your neighbors and we’re able to recognize what the needs in our town might be, and are seeking to address that need,” Lynn says.

Clockwise from top left: Black bean burger, blackened tofu, chicken noodle soup and stuffed potato.
Clockwise from top left: Black bean burger, blackened tofu, chicken noodle soup and stuffed potato.

Home delivery will be offered year-round Tuesday through Sunday, from 5 through 8:45 p.m., and is free on orders or $20 or more. Each day’s menu will be posted on the Go-Go Pops Facebook page, and payment can be made with cash on delivery or by credit card over the phone (845-809-5600). In addition to prepared foods, virtually anything else Go-Go Pops sells at its store at 64 Main St. can be delivered. “Of course we’ll bring you pops,” Greg says, “and chocolate, too, when you just have to have some.”

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