Lt. Governor Stops by Cold Spring

Visits Main Street shops and waterfront

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul visited Cold Spring on Sept. 12 as part of a visit to the Hudson Valley to promote tourism. Accompanied by Mayor Dave Merandy and other members of the village board, as well as state Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, the group walked from the light at Main Street and Route 9D to the waterfront, stopping along the way at Archipelago at Home, Burkelman, Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill, the Chickadee Gallery and other establishments.

Later that day Hochul posted on Facebook: “The Village of Cold Spring has so much going for it — it is the definition of charming. Any community that has this kind of access to waterfront is particularly special, along with vibrant retail stores.”

Hochul, who took office in 2015 after serving in the U.S. Congress and as a vice president at M&T Bank, visited the FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park on Sept. 13.

One thought on “Lt. Governor Stops by Cold Spring

  1. It was strange that no one from Putnam County Tourism was invited or just didn’t show up for this important meeting. Most likely it was because of politics. You know the county people are all GOPers.

    I hope that Mayor Merandy managed to have a sit down with the Lt. Gov. and seriously go over getting some state money for Cold Spring. I’m talking like several million bucks. There is so much money available for Main Street it isn’t funny. Big bucks.

    How about it, Mayor: Did you try to bring home the bacon for the Village?