Taking it to the Street

by Anita Peltonen

What’s the last book you read? How many stars, 1 to 5?

“My daughter and I are reading the Lemony Snicket series. The last one was The Hostile Hospital. It was so horribly miserable!” ★★★★★ ~ Daniel Kelly, Cold Spring The Demigod Diaries by Rick Riordan.” ★★★★ ~ Ryder Henricksen, Cold Spring The Circle by Dave Eggers. It’s the best book I’ve read in a while.” ★★★★★ ~ Kent Henricksen, Cold Spring


One thought on “Taking it to the Street

  1. I finally read John Maxwell Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians. I much more prefer his later gem, Disgrace. It will blow your mind. Away.