Trees Coming Down?

Cold Spring’s Tree Advisory Board will hold a public meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, at Village Hall, 85 Main St., to review an application by Sarah DeFranco to remove 46 trees at Main and Cedar streets. DeFranco purchased the lot, which had been vacant since the 19th century, in 2015, and built a three-bedroom modular home.

Photo by L.S. Armstrong

3 thoughts on “Trees Coming Down?

  1. Are those even trees? They look like shrubs that are 40 years past their prime. If it’s just a giant overgrown shrub, do you still need permission to cut them down?

  2. When is permission to remove trees on your own property actually required? A resident in my neighborhood has removed more than a dozen in the past year, which I think is his right, but could someone clarify when permission is required?