Garrison Voters Approve Capital Spending

Improvements will cost up to $9.9 million

By a 152-91 vote, residents of the Garrison school district approved a “preservation, innovation, security and accessibility project” that will cost up to $9.9 million. The tally represented a 12 percent turnout among the district’s 2,042 registered voters.

About $900,000 for the upgrades will come from district savings, $1 million from state aid and the remainder from a tax levy. The district said the average increase for a taxpayer in a home assessed at $500,000 should be $110 to $140 annually, depending on the project’s cost.

Construction is expected to begin after the 2020-21 school year.

2 thoughts on “Garrison Voters Approve Capital Spending

  1. The Garrison PTA would like to thank everyone for coming to vote on Sept. 24. Among the many important and necessary improvements will be an upgrade to the heating and cooling system to make it more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible, running on electricity instead of oil.

    The Garrison district is demonstrating alternatives to fossil fuels. Thank you to the school and community for being a leader.

    Ford is president of the Garrison PTA.

  2. Great that the Garrison school district is taking the lead in upgrading their heating and cooling system to run on electricity instead of oil.

    They should reach out to Lauri Taylor, the new Putnam County Climate Coordinator, and persuade her that Putnam County would be better served if the upgrade she’s planning included the replacement of oil with electricity instead of natural gas. We don’t need any more fossil fuels, gas or oil, if we want to truly be a Climate Smart Community.

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