Feeling the Heat

Climate Central is a nonprofit organization of scientists and journalists who research and report the facts about the changing climate and its impact. As the decade comes to an end, here are some of the data the group has compiled about changes in the New York City metropolitan area, which includes the Highlands.

One thought on “Feeling the Heat

  1. Just wait a few decades and you will see another downward trend towards colder. At my age of 81 I most likely will not see it, but it will happen. There is no doubt that the upward trend has been obviously higher during my tenure on earth. However, if we humans were actually causing this, the temperatures would have been far higher than they are. Of course, bad actors such as China, India — just to name a few — are not doing anything positive for the human race. Their cities are a mess; the air is foul. We are very fortunate to live here in this country, which believes in good quality air and water. Unfortunately, we have made this into a political item rather than stepping back, taking a breath and realize that we have little power, if any, over nature. Never the less, we should continue being good stewards of our earth without having “crazies” on both sides of the equation.