Airlines Continue Service Suspension at Stewart

Only Allegiant still flying from New Windsor

JetBlue and Delta announced this week they will continue to suspend their flights to and from New York Stewart International Airport in New Windsor.

In April, JetBlue temporarily suspended the two flights it offers from Stewart, to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, and in May, Delta followed suit, suspending the one flight it offered, to and from Detroit.

Both airlines cited plummeting demand because of the COVID-19 shutdown. American announced in August it would suspend its one flight from Stewart, to Philadelphia, beginning Oct. 7 until at least Nov. 3.

Under a federal stimulus package that included $5.4 billion for Delta and $1 billion for JetBlue, the airlines were required to keep paying their employees through September.

Only Allegiant, which offers flights to Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and Savannah, Georgia, is still operating at Stewart.

One thought on “Airlines Continue Service Suspension at Stewart

  1. Thank you for keeping us in Dutchess County abreast of what is going on with Stewart.