2 thoughts on “5 Questions: Dennis Sant

  1. There was a fascinating part of this interview that we didn’t have room to include. While a member of the U.S. Air Force in the 1970s, Sant worked on a project that examined the role of air power in the Vietnam War. He said he had access to classified reports indicating numerous pilots, ground troops and patrol boat crews saw UFOs hovering over battle sites. Sant said when Air Force personnel working on the project got together socially, the UFO sightings in Vietnam were a common topic of conversation.

    • Thank you, Mike, I wish we could of explored that subject in more detail: In the U.S. Air Force I was stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, also known as the showcase of the Air Force. I was assigned to the Air War College, Project Corona Harvest, a special top-secret project to evaluate the use of air power in Vietnam, Southeast Asia. The years were 1968 through 1971. One of the questions answered by the probe was: Did aliens interfere in the Vietnam War? The report concluded and published, “The troops in the Vietnam War were absolutely plagued by UFO/bogey activity.”