State Closes Indian Brook Falls

The state has closed Indian Brook Falls indefinitely. Photo by Chip Rowe

The state has closed Indian Brook Falls indefinitely. (Photo by Chip Rowe)

Cites loss of trail and lack of parking

The state parks department has closed the trail to Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, indicating it is now a “wildlife/habitat recovery area.”

Evan Thompson, the manager of Fahnestock and Hudson Highlands State Parks, said on Wednesday (July 27) that the closure will continue indefinitely. 

“Over the winter, the trail to the falls was destroyed by heavy rain,” he said. “Now there is no way to reach the falls without walking through the stream, which is not only slippery and dangerous, but harmful to the stream’s ecology.”

Thompson said the parks department has considered rebuilding the trail, “but the topography of the area — steep cliffs on both sides descending into the brook — would require a major capital investment” — money he said the agency does not have.

Thompson said those conditions and the lack of parking — Philipstown in 2020 closed a small lot nearby and there is no parking allowed on Indian Brook Road — “means that the falls will not be open anytime soon. There is always the possibility that circumstances could change, but we consider the closure to be relatively permanent. We will continue to patrol the area to ensure compliance.”

4 thoughts on “State Closes Indian Brook Falls

  1. Even if the trail at Indian Brook Falls in Garrison is repaired, there doesn’t seem to be a good solution for safe parking on or adjacent to Indian Brook Road and not enough park staff to monitor the area. [via Facebook]

  2. It’s a good thing the trail is being watched and protected, but it was a big loss when the parking was eliminated and only already highly privileged folks had access. [via Instagram]

  3. If you want to reach that area to visit Constitution Marsh, ride a bicycle down Route 9D. It’s a beautiful ride and walk, and it’s worth it to watch the people who live there lose their collective minds. [via Instagram]

  4. The problems at Indian Brook Falls started long ago. It was mentioned in several of those “best getaways in the Hudson Valley” articles around 2008. People from everywhere started parking along the narrow road, causing blockages and altercations with homeowners. [via Facebook]