On the Spot

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve been part of?

Nellie Timmons

I was among thousands who walked the Brooklyn Bridge for the National Kidney Foundation. ~Nellie Timmons, Cold Spring

Lucas Jones

My brother took me to see Jay-Z at the Barclay Center; it was big! ~Marcus Jones, Beacon

Lu Wan

Everything is a crowd in China — the subway, the market, schools. ~Lu Wan, Beacon

One thought on “On the Spot

  1. It what wasn’t a crowd in the classic sense, but there were a whole lot of people involved across the entire country. My family went down to the west side of Manhattan for that strange event called Hands Across America. I’m not entirely sure what was meant to be proved, nor whether it had any impact in the long run, but for a moment it felt good. [via Facebook]

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