O'Neill students pose with C-130 aircraft

By Jake Kail

On Thursday, April 7 students from O’Neill High School’s Buffalo Soldier Squadron had the privilege of riding in a C-130 Marine aircraft.  The Marine Aerial Refueling Transport Squadron 452 (VMGR-452) took the cadets for a 45 minute ride over the Hudson Valley for a great experience with breathtaking views, including seeing their own school from above.  A first time event, it was very much sought after by cadets and has been one of the most popular Buffalo Soldier Squadron events this year.  The students were able to experience the in-flight atmosphere of a military aircraft, as well as a firsthand look on how the aircraft functions.  Most also had the chance to sit in the cockpit of the aircraft. 
Photo courtesy of J. Kail

Jake Kail is a senior at O’Neill HS.

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