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By Michael Turton

Forget the recent spate of cloudy, dreary weather. There was a star-studded evening in Cold Spring on Tuesday May 17, 2011 as Haldane High School took a page from the award show playbook as it honored the school’s arts community at the first ever An Evening of Rising Stars.  The evening was hosted by the Fine Arts Committee, with honors handed out to students in several categories: Visual Arts, Choral, Instrumental, Rock ‘N Roll & Song Writing, Creative Writing, Musical Theater, Drama and Behind the Scenes. Close to 60 students were nominated. Winners and nominees in each category received a Haldane STAR and certificate.      

Tyler Mell and Lindy Labriola stroll the red carpet

In his opening remarks, Superintendent Mark Villanti said “If we don’t feed the creative arts”¦we are not doing our job” and before presenting awards in the Visual Arts category School Board president Dave Merandy said “This evening has been a long time coming.” Villanti, Merandy and others were decked out in their tuxedos. Students, parents, teachers and administration were also “dressed to the nines.” A video featuring highlights from the year’s arts-related events included “home grown music” written and performed by Haldane musicians. Seniors Tess Dul and Chrissy Glorius acted as MCs. Hearty applause and spontaneous cheers greeted award recipients as they took the stage. It was a first time event and certainly a feel good event – one that will undoubtedly become an annual Haldane tradition. 

And the 2010 -2011 Stars Go to”¦”¦

Behind the Scenes
Most Accomplished: Anna Ledwith and Thomas Geithner 

Visual Arts   
Most accomplished, male: Forrest Ryzi-Ryski
Other Nominees: Luke Harrold and Max Smith   

Most accomplished, female: Katie Quattrocchi
Other Nominees: Bronwyn Sandoval and Mary Mechalakos   

Emerging young artist: Tess Hansler 
Other Nominees: Emma Jacoby, Samantha Heanue and Brigit O’Malley       

Special recognition: All Eastern, Mary Mechalakos    

Most accomplished: Tess Dul
Other Nominees: Elizabeth Richter, Mary Mechalakos and Jessica Gore 

Most tenacious: Kiran Kalantri
Other Nominees: Michael Clemente, Simrin Gosal, Shauna Ricketts and Remi Smith 

Emerging young artist, female: Kady Neill
Other Nominees: Brigit O’Malley, Sarah Warren and Shauna Ricketts

Emerging young artist, male: Tyler Mell
Other Nominee: Kiran Kalantri   

Most accomplished, male: Zachary Landtroop
Other Nominees: Conor Austin, Sean Daly and Alex Schaefer  

Most accomplished, female: Quinn Kohut
Other Nominees: Elizabeth Milner, Jacquelyn Ferguson and Elizabeth Richter

Emerging young artist, female: Miranda Thompson
Other Nominees: Brigit O’Malley, Molly Prins and Carolyn Schaefer  

Emerging young artist, male: Patrick Junjulas
Other Nominees: Kieran Austin, Steven Casement and Jackson Lisotta       

Rock ‘N Roll & Songwriting
Best lyricist: Matt Chason
Other Nominees: Lindy Labriola, Conner Austin, Jade Silverstein, Daisy Tacuri and Forrest Ryzi-Ryski 

Musicianship: James Rubino
Other Nominees: Matt Chason, Ben Langer, Rich Vallejos and Tim Hughes

Creative Writing   
Most accomplished, male: Nick Marino
Other Nominee: Forrest Ryzy-Ryski   

Most accomplished, female: Elizabeth Bengal
Other Nominees: Christiana Glorius and Kelley Hyatt        

 Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role in a Play
 Malachy Cleary as Sheridan Whiteside in The Man Who Came to Dinner   
 Nick Marino as Roderick Rodent in The Face on the Barroom Floor  
 Christian Perkins as Jack Goodheart in The Face on the Barroom Floor         

 Outstanding Actor in a Supportive Role in a Play  
 Jack Quigley as Banjo in The Man Who Came to Dinner   
 Nick Marino as Ernest Stanley in The Man Who Came to Dinner  
 Conor Austin as Little Gloria in The Face on the Barroom Floor        

 Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role in a Play   
 Jessica Gore as Lorraine Sheldon in The Man Who Came to Dinner  

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role in a Play   
 Mary Mechalakos as Nurse Preen in The Man Who Came to Dinner  
 Sarah Hershey as Harriet Stanley in The Man Who Came to Dinner  
 Christiana Glorius as Theda Swansong in The Face on the Barroom Floor         

 Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical  
 Nick Marino as the Baker in Into the Woods   
 Stephen McCann as Danny in Grease   
 Stephen McCann as Jack in Into the Woods         

 Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical    
 Matt Marino as Doody in Grease    
 Malachy Cleary as the Narrator in Into the Woods   
 Michael Clemente as the Wolf in Into the Woods         

 Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical  
 Mary Mechalakos as the Witch in Into the Woods   
 Elizabeth Richter as Sandy in Grease    
 Tess Dul as the baker’s wife in Into the WoodsOutstanding Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical   
Caitriona Daly  as Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods
Kady Neill as Marty in Grease
Jessica Gore as Jan in Grease
Tess Dul as Frenchie in Grease 

Fine Arts Committee
Seamus Carroll, Chairman, gordon Casement, Jean Cendali, Debbie Contini, Joe Curto, Amy Dul, Susan Kelly, Martha Mechalakos, Michael Mell, Dave Merandy, Gina Van Nosdall, Mark Villanti, Jennifer Wilson.
Photos by M. Turton

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