Living Nativity at Church on the Hill Sunday Evening

Cold Spring’s The Church on the Hill (formerly known to many as the Baptist Church) will hold a living Nativity with live animals and children from the community this Sunday evening, Dec. 18, at 7 p.m. A choir will also sing Christmas carols. Hot Chocolate and Christmas cookies will be served and participants are advised to bundle up.

The Church on the Hill is the new name agreed upon for the graceful white church presiding over the corner of Main and Parsonage Streets. Pastor Tim Greco explains the change in name, “In our community mainline Protestant churches are dying on the vine. Our church has accepted that fact and decided to do things differently. Instead of focusing on the ‘church’ we decided to focus on people and the needs of our community. We are about the doctrine of Christ, which is ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ I hope that people will see the change and know we are not about a denomination but about serving our fellow man and meeting the needs of our community. Anyone would feel comfortable in our church and loved. Our church is a family of believers.”

With a focus on community outreach, the church has a group called Sowing the Seeds of Love, that plants gardens in the community for the local food pantry. They have also started “I Glove You,” collecting gloves for those in need and giving them to homeless people on the street.  They have many other outreaches to the community planned for the future.

Photo by A. Rooney

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