Bouzouki, Hoop Dances, Covers: Haldane High School Talent Show

Haldane student Chris Bohl rehearses his Native American hoop dance for the talent show.  Photo courtesy of Debbie Contini

Haldane student Chris Bohl rehearses his Native American hoop dance for the talent show.  Photo courtesy of Debbie Contini

Once again, the talented teens of Haldane High School will take to the stage for the enjoyment of all, in the annual talent show, which this year takes place on Friday, April 26, at 7 p.m. From bouzouki and sitar-playing to a pirate duel, from a Native American traditional hoop dance to a Bob Fosse number, and even a yo-yo demonstration alongside the more usual music and vocals, the talent show gets those kids up from their desks and should provide the audience with surprise after surprise.

In addition, there will be the highly anticipated dance by a local crew, better known as members of the Haldane teaching staff, trying to outdo their showstoppers of previous years. To further whet the appetite, there is the enticement of “other special guests never before seen on stage or screen.”

Scheduled to appear are Elisa Phillips; McKenzie Flagler; Elizabeth Hynes; Collin Harrington; Corydon Zouzias; Melissa Biavati; Dante Nastasi; Patricia Johanna Iniguez; Cameron Henderson; Ben Langer; Gareth Gore; Tom Geithner; Marina Martin; Sara Labriola; Lucy Austin; Chris Bohl; Kady Neill; Bella Convertino; Matt Marino; Riley Bissinger; Lindy Labriola; James Rubino; Matt Chason; Kit Daponte; Jackson Lisotta; Richard Vallejos; and Michael Halpin.

Tickets will be available at the door and cost $5 for children, students and senior citizens; $10 for adults. All proceeds support the Haldane Music Department. The whole community is invited — not just parents — and the evening is suitable for all ages.

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