Water Discoloration Possible Beginning Monday

Pearl Street area to experience brief period of low pressure

Mainlining Services Inc., the firm responsible for the water-main lining project in Cold Spring and Nelsonville, announced Friday, April 26, that their crews have completed installation of service tie-ins to bypass piping through to the intersection of Route 9D. They have begun excavating access pits on the 10-inch water main to prepare for the cleaning and lining process.

Beginning Monday, April 29, the 10-inch water main on Main Street will be isolated from the side streets east of Route 9D. Water, in many areas, will travel through the water mains in a different direction than it currently does. This will cause discoloration, the extent to which is unknown.

In actuating valves for side-street intersections earlier this week, it was found that several are inoperable and will require replacement. As a result, on Tuesday, April 30, the 4-inch isolation valve for Pearl Street is scheduled for replacement. It will be necessary to open hydrants near Pine Street at Pearl and North Pearl at Main Street to alleviate pressure on the water main for the crew to work safely. This will cause a brief period of low pressure and also a subsequent period of discoloration in the surrounding area.

The Cold Spring Village Office will continue to post updates as work progresses. To receive email alerts from the office, sign up at coldspringny.gov.

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