Desmond-Fish Library Hosts GUFS Student Artworks

Exhibit opens April 10

All are invited to view artworks created by the third graders from Coulter Young’s art class at the Garrison School. These multi-media collage paintings will be created in collaboration with Mill Street Loft and the Desmond-Fish Library. Students will have the opportunity of reviewing artworks from the library’s Hudson River art collection before they do their collage paintings on the morning of April 10 in the library. The art opening will follow from 6 to 8 p.m. on April 10, and the works will be on exhibit during regular hours in the library’s gallery in Garrison.

Mill Street Loft is a multi-arts educational center with award winning art programs such as Dutchess Arts Camp, The Art Institute, Project ABLE and PASWORD, programs that help change lives through the arts. Merging arts and social services, Mill Street Loft reaches out to a diverse community, bridging cultural and economic differences.

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