Why I’m Running: Evan Schwartz

Haldane board member seeks re-election

I am proudly running for re-election for trustee on the Haldane Board of Education. I feel that my eight years’ experience on the Haldane Board of Education will be an asset on this new board. We will have two new trustees and one trustee still in the first term. Since being on the board I have seen the Haldane School District move on a path from “good to great” and just last year being designated a Reward District of New York State.

The boards I have worked on have brought on great administrators who have been so influential in making Haldane a top academic school. We have also initiated and completed many well-needed capital projects, including the most recent field and auditorium project. As board members, we have brought fiscally sound budgets to the public while raising academic standards and achievement.

Evan Schwartz

Evan Schwartz

I have been a high school principal in New York City for the last 12 years and an educator for 22 years. Over my eight years on the board, I have found that with all the changes in education law and new mandates, more than ever board members need to have a deep understating of educational policy and guidelines. I believe my experience as a principal brings a valuable perspective to the board.

I have expertise and experience in the decisions that we must make on the Board of Education in regards to teacher evaluations (APPR), Common Core instruction and professional development and school finance. As a school principal I am able to understand the needs of all the stakeholders of the school including students, parents, faculty and the community.

Currently I have two students in high school who have been in Haldane since kindergarten. I would consider it an honor to continue on the Haldane Board of Education to see them graduate and to see Haldane become a leading school district in New York.

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