2 thoughts on “Interviews with Candidates

  1. Thank you for posting all the candidate interviews in one place. It allows certain individuals to really stand out when reading their credentials and achievements.

    First is our incumbent supervisor, Richard Shea. As a leader, his efforts to give all sides a voice in major issues have been outstanding. From his first major hurdle, updating our zoning law, to the more recent mass gathering law, he has demonstrated an ability to listen and give time for building consensus. Under his leadership, the Town Board works together in a cooperative manner not observed elsewhere in local or national politics.

    It is also amazing to read all the duties our incumbent Town Clerk Tina Merando has been ably performing over the past 2 decades (tax collector; filing marriage, birth & death certificates, notices for Public Hearings, minutes from Town Board meetings & hearings, Local Laws and Town Resolutions), all while setting up the Town’s (unfunded) website and digitizing more than 2000 old files and permit applications. (Not mentioned was that she has obtained over $500,000 in grants for the Town.)

    Linda Bull of New York State Achieves called Tina’s efforts to keep the Town up to date with record keeping “Herculean,” obviously one of the reasons the Town has never lost a lawsuit during her tenure for failure to comply with Open Meetings Law.

    I look forward to seeing these two individuals continue their work for our Town.

  2. While it is nice of Mrs. Finger to praise Supervisor Richard Shea and Town Clerk Tina Merando here, I would like to correct part of her information.

    Something that Tina Merando has never mentioned publicly is that I set up the current design and WordPress format of our Town website as a volunteer in 2009, when Bill Mazucca was Supervisor.