Cold Spring Releases Water Report

Village handles 65 million gallon supply

The Village of Cold Spring released its 2016 water quality report, available at It found no problems. The village uses three reservoirs and relies on rain and snow to maintain its supply of about 65 million gallons. The water flows to the Foundry Brook reservoir along Fishkill Road, where it is pumped to the Foundry Brook Water Treatment Plant to undergo coagulation, filtration, pH adjustment, disinfection and corrosion control.

Part of the reservoir at the Cold Spring water system plant on Fishkill Road (File photo by Kevin E. Foley)

It is then pumped into two storage tanks that can hold up to a total of 500,000 gallons. Distribution to taps is gravity fed to about 2,800 residents through 884 service connections.

State law requires the village to monitor the water for contaminants, and it tests at residences, restaurants, public facilities, as well as the reservoir and filtration plant.

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