State Test Opt-Out Rates

Highlands schools range from 14 to 31 percent

Beginning April 11, students in grades 3 to 8 took the state English language arts exam and, as in the past, many parents who oppose standardized testing chose to have their children opt out. The statewide refusal rate is about 20 percent, although on Long Island it tops 50 percent, and in some districts there, 70 percent.

At Haldane, 10 of the 182 elementary (5 percent) and 43 of the 207 middle school students (21 percent) opted out, or 14 percent overall. Last year 11 percent did not take the test.

At Garrison, 13 of the 87 elementary (15 percent) and 16 of the 59 middle school students (27 percent) did not take the test, or 20 percent overall. Its rate last year was 32 percent.

At Beacon, 116 elementary and 291 middle school students declined to take the test, or 31 percent of the total for grades 3 to 8. Last year the rate was 33 percent.

The state math tests begin May 1.

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