Marbled Meat to Expand

Having outgrown their space adjacent to Vera’s Marketplace & Garden Center on Route 9 in Philipstown, Chris and Lisa Pascarella of Marbled Meats were reluctantly considering where to move the business.

As the couple recounts on the butcher shop’s website, they approached their landlords, the Giordano family (Vera, Joanne and Dominic), who own Vera’s, “to see if there was something we could do; a building addition, an annex, maybe?

“As has been the case since Day 1, the Giordano family immediately began thinking of creative solutions to our dilemma,” they wrote. “Dominic stood in the center of Vera’s and said, ‘You’re not going anywhere. We will make this work.’ ”

As a result, Marbled Meats will expand in the next few months into Vera’s space, which will be reconfigured. The Cold Spring Coffee Pantry will remain where it is, although on Aug. 15 it plans to expand, as well, opening its second outpost, at Peekskill Brewery. The first is at Cold Spring Apothecary on Main Street.

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