Dutchess Classic Results

The 40th annual Dutchess Classic race was held on Sept. 16 in LaGrange. Among the half-marathon competitors was Bill Rodgers, 70, who won the New York City Marathon in 1976 and the Boston Marathon in 1978 and 1979, and in 1980 won them both. He finished in 2:00.37.

Here are results for runners from the Highlands:


53. Eric Diehl (Beacon) 1:42.34
117. Vincent Fino (Beacon) 1:56.19
152. Amber Klemann (Beacon) 2:00.22
171. Kristy Alvarado (Beacon) 2:03.19
213. Todd VanDuzer (Beacon) 2:10.04
292. Ilana Tabak (Beacon) 2:24.54
361. Kim-Hung Ng (Beacon) 2:50.16


64. Demitria Fragale (Beacon), 25:30.98
68. Robert Mayzk (Cold Spring), 25:41.5
235. Mimi Mamo (Beacon), 34:20.5

Kids’ 1 mile

10. Michael Serino (age 12, Beacon), 7:38

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