Beacon Police Blotter

Select incidents in June

Officers handled 595 calls, including 11 domestic disputes and 22 auto crashes.

Monday, June 1

Officers dispatched for possible drugs located on Teller Avenue. Item was secured.

After a report of suspicious persons on South Avenue, Daniel L. Vines-Mevec, 25, of Buchanan, was charged with possession of marijuana, criminal mischief, possession of graffiti instrument and making graffiti.

Officer responded to a report of graffiti on a Main Street building.

Officer responded to graffiti on a Front Street building.

Tuesday, June 2

A caller reported receiving harassing messages via Facebook.

Wednesday, June 3

A caller on Wood Lane reported receiving harassing messages from an unknown individual via text.

Thursday, June 4

A caller on Liberty Street reported her dog being attacked by another dog. Dog warden notified.

A caller on Hudson Avenue reported an individual throwing rocks and breaking windows at her home.

Sunday, June 7

A caller on Church Street reported being bitten by a dog while on a walk.

Monday, June 8

A caller on Grace Street reported that a vehicle unknown to her pulled into her driveway.

Wednesday, June 10

A caller on Fishkill Avenue reported selling a car to an individual and received a check with insufficient funds. Investigation conducted. Matter resolved.

Thursday, June 11

A caller on Tompkins Terrace reported a stolen handicap placard.

Saturday, June 13

A caller on Orchard Place reported receiving pro-life paperwork left on his front porch.

Wednesday, June 17

A caller reported her neighbor was harassing her. Neighbor advised to stay away.

A caller reported a hit-and-run collision that resulted in damage to his vehicle.

Thursday, June 18

A caller on Harbor Hill Court reported having a fraudulent dealing with someone he thought was from the Apple Store. Two transactions resulted in money paid from his Apple Pay account.

Saturday, June 20

Rickey B. Cohen, 48, of Manhattan, was charged with criminal mischief with intent to damage property.

A caller reported someone attempting to break into his vehicle.

Officers dispatched to Cross Street to investigate report of a large group fighting. Officers separated individuals.

Tuesday, June 22

A caller on Verplanck Avenue reported her tires had been slashed.

A caller on Rombout Avenue said someone had broken into two vehicles.

A caller on Green Street reported that an individual yelled at him and tried to approach him without wearing a mask.

Wednesday, June 23

A caller on South Brett Street reported her vehicle being broken into and wallet stolen.

Thursday, June 24

A caller on Church Street reported his vehicle being egged.

A caller reported receiving harassing messages from an unknown individual.

Saturday, June 26

A caller on Main Street reported graffiti on his building.

Sunday, June 27

A caller on Main Street reported a large fight. Officers interviewed participants.

After a call to Harbor View Court, Mariah B. Mejias, 22, of Newburgh, was charged with criminal contempt.

State troopers arrested Jose L. Rivas, 59, of Beacon, on suspicion of driving under the influence. They said Rivas was driving on Route 9D in Wappinger when he was involved in a crash.

Monday, June 28

A caller on Washington Avenue reported being the victim of a Publishers Clearing House scam.

An officer contacted the owner of a cell phone found on South Chestnut Street.

A caller on North Avenue reported an unknown male wandering on his property.

Tuesday, June 29

A caller on Spring Valley Street reported someone using her identity to receive unemployment benefits.

Wednesday, June 30

Paige L. S. Ciancanelli, 29 of Beacon, was taken into custody for a probation violation.

A caller reported someone using her identity to receive unemployment benefits.

A caller reported purchasing a cell phone from an individual that was not the owner.

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