COVID 2021: What Lies Ahead?

COVID 2021 logoCOVID-19 has upended the world, the nation, our state and the Highlands. Nearly eight months after the pandemic shutdown began, New York residents have managed to bring the virus under control, with statewide infections on average at less than 2 percent — among the lowest in the nation.

But the state also has new hot zones, including in the Hudson Valley, and the numbers have been creeping up. As we approach the cold winter months, we decided to take a closer look at the effects of the pandemic on three important aspects of daily life.

Part I

Home Alone
As the pandemic moves into winter, more seniors face isolation
By Leonard Sparks

Close Quarters
Is the shutdown driving more people to divorce?
By Chip Rowe

When Will This Be Over?
A public-health professor discusses COVID-19 vaccines
By Leonard Sparks

Part II

What Have We Learned About Schools?
Students and teachers adjust to pandemic education
By Jeff Simms

State’s Financial Woes Trickle Down to Schools
Lack of aid could bust budgets for 2021-22
By Jeff Simms

Part III

Business as Unusual
Local merchants hunker down for winter
By Jeff Simms

Closer to the Edge
For many, shutdown has made bad situation worse
By Victoria Shannon

Will It Work Out?
Gyms struggle as clients exercise on their own
By Leonard Sparks

From Chords to Discord
Musicians, venues squeezed as pandemic marches on
By Leonard Sparks

What Happens to the Commute?
Workers grow accustomed to being home
By Michael Turton

Through the Roof
Home prices rise as people flee hot spots
By Michael Turton

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