School Budgets and Trustees up for May 17 Vote

State-wide vote on school district budgets will be held on Tuesday, May 17. Trustee postions on some school boards will also be on the ballot. Polling locations and times may be found on the districts’ websites or by calling the district. The information for area districts are noted below.

Haldane CSD
Proposed Budget: $21,630,013
Year-to-year increase: .78 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 1.82 percent
Incumbent David Merandy is running unopposed

Garrison UFSD
Proposed Budget: $9,321,479
Year-to-year increase: 2.78 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 1.51percent
Incumbents James Cannon and Diane Swinburne are running unopposed

Fort Montgomery Highland Falls CSD
Proposed Budget: $24,036,050
Year-to-year increase: 2.74 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 2.78 percent
Four seats are open. 
Jim McCabe, Laura Milsom, Anne Lawless, Toniel Speidel, Faith Aprilante, Nichole McGivern, Ann Marie Lewis, Ned Kopald

Lakeland CSD
Proposed Budget: $157,235,514
Year-to-year increase: 1.74 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 2.57 percent
Incumbents Scott Carey, Michael Cherchia and Glen Malia are running unopposed.

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