Haldane, Garrison, Lakeland and Fort Montgomery Highland Falls pass budgets; incumbents returned to office

Haldane CSD
For: 606
Bus Proposal
For: 535
Against: 375
Proposed Budget: $21,630,013
Year-to-year increase: .78 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 1.82 percent
Incumbent David Merandy (616) is running unopposed. Seamus Caroll received (12) write-in votes

Garrison UFSD
For: 178
Against: 122
Proposed Budget: $9,321,479
Year-to-year increase: 2.78 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 1.51percent
Incumbents James Cannon (240) and Diane Swinburne (242) are running unopposed

Fort Montgomery Highland Falls CSD
For: 472
Against: 313
Capital Projects
For: 498
Against: 242
Proposed Budget: $24,036,050
Year-to-year increase: 2.74 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 2.78 percent
Four seats are open. 

Jim McCabe         
Laura Milsom
Anne Lawless
Toniel Speidel
Faith Aprilante
Nichole McGivern
Ann Marie FlynnNed Kopald
Xxx votes
Xxx votes
443 votes
Xxx votes
400 votes
Xxx votes

Lakeland CSD
For: 1,162
Against: 646
Bus Proposal
For: 1,109
Against: 695
Proposed Budget: $157,235,514
Year-to-year increase: 1.74 percent
Anticipated tax levy increase: 2.57 percent
Incumbents Scott Carey (1,408), Michael Cherchia (1,408) and Glen Malia (1,376) are running unopposed.

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2 replies on “All Local Schools Pass Budgets”

  1. Thank you to everyone who came out and voted either Yes or No. We should always exercise our rights to vote and be heard no matter the outcome. Thank you again to the Haldane community

  2. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote. Thank you for supporting the Garrison budget.

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