Haldane Students Create Makerspace Sign

Brainstorming leads to decorated wooden lettering

Haldane Elementary School Principal Brent Harrington recently commissioned his students to create a sign for their Makerspace. All Haldane students in grades K–5 worked together with Jean Cendali, their art teacher, to design the sign. After much brainstorming they decided to make cutout wood letters that they would print on and then collage with meaningful objects.

A group of Haldane second graders proudly holds the Makerspace sign.

A group of Haldane second graders proudly holds the Makerspace sign.

The children brought treasures to school to embellish the letters. For example, The K is festooned with Legos because students can build their imaginations using them, and the E is collaged with keys since the Makerspace can be the key to creativity.

Haldane extended thanks to all the children, parents, teachers and staff members who took the time to collect treasures to enhance the Makerspace sign.

Photo courtesy Haldane

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