Letter: Kory Riesterer a Balanced Voice

Writer endorses candidate for Haldane board

Whether you have kids in school or not, whether you’ve lived here forever or less than forever, Kory Riesterer is a smart choice for a seat on the Haldane Board of Education. She is a balanced thinker with a strong commitment to keeping costs down and an excellent record of enriching volunteer leadership at Haldane. You just can’t beat that combination. I trust her with the difficult and complex decisions our current board members are facing.

She is a moderate voice, an experienced professional and a practical thinker who is also excellent at creative problem solving. Her knowledge of the inner workings of the schools and district and the good relationships she’s grown at all levels of Haldane — with staff, administrators, teachers, parents and current board members — will be an asset to the Board of Education and will make for an easy transition to the lineup.

I know Ms. Riesterer well and I’ve worked alongside her on committees at the village government level and at Haldane. I’ve experienced her diligence and work ethic and selfless dedication to this community firsthand. She always does her research; she always meets the deadline; she is the partner on your team that you know you can always count on to bring smart, thoughtful ideas to the table, to listen closely to all sides, and to follow through on her commitments.

I feel a deep appreciation for the work of our current board members and for the dedication shown by all of the candidates in this election who have put themselves forward in the spirit of service. I feel compelled to write this letter because I know without a doubt that any and all of them would be lucky to have Kory Riesterer on their team. I hope others will join me in voting for her.

Jennifer Zwarich
Cold Spring

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