Scheduled for Aug. 3 at firehouse

The Code Update Committee will hold its first public meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 3, at the Cold Spring Firehouse, 154 Main St. It will consist of an introduction, a history of the committee, an overview of proposed changes to the 10 topics in the “Use” category, and a time for questions.

The topics in the Use category are Permitted Use Standards, Evaluate Restricting Main Street Shops, Front Buildings to Commercial Uses, Home Occupation Standards, Evaluate Accessory Building Standards, Evaluate Accessory Apartment Standards, Detached Garage Standards, Livable Floor Area Standards, Evaluate Overnight Accommodation Standards, Waterfront Recreation Standards and Parking Standards.

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2 replies on “Code Update Committee to Hold First Public Meeting”

  1. I am sorry. Is this a public meeting, or is it a public hearing? It sounds more like a public hearing.

    I thought all village government meetings are “public.”

    Hopefully, we can get some clarity here. The public’s time is valuable and limited.

    1. Mr. Haggerty’s point is well-taken, but this does not sound to me like it is supposed to be a “hearing” (at which officials listen to what the public has to say about something, such as a proposed change in the code), since no draft has yet been made public for the community to read and digest. Rather, this sounds to me like a Public Information Presentation, intended to inform the public of the details of the work of the code update committee. If so, I suggest that the Village schedule a second meeting at least two or three weeks after this one, to allow an informed public to comment on that work.

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