Maloney Returns to Congress for 18th District

18th Congressional District (2-year term)
Each House member represents about 700,000 people.

Maloney, Oliva

Maloney, Oliva

691 of 691 districts reporting

Sean Patrick Maloney (D) – 149,056 (51%)
Phil Oliva (R) – 120,967 (41%)

No vote cast – 24,816 (8%)



3 thoughts on “Maloney Returns to Congress for 18th District

  1. Maloney finally earned the respect for responding to many needs of our Congressional district. It is perplexing to see 8 percent, however, failed to bother casting a vote for their representative in Washington! Worse, nationwide 43 percent did not even care enough to vote. How senseless! Arguing the apathetic and feel “disenfranchised” is disingenuous. Next election, make your voice count.