The Cartoon

entitled cartoon

2 thoughts on “The Cartoon

  1. I expect better from The Highlands Current than spreading this BS narrative of “millennial” laziness. We are the first generation in U.S. history to have absolutely no possibility of achieving a higher standard of living than our parents, requires starting your life in student debt just to enter the workforce, and you make fun of us for not wanting to participate in an economy that is literally destroying our planet. No thank you, Highlands Current. Stay classy.

  2. I found the cartoon to be a fairly true representation of a good portion of the candidates who are entering the workforce. Having a business for 35 years, I have found that a lot of them want to start at the top and feel entitled to. They have no work ethic and no experience, But they want all the benefits. It’s saddening to see the attitudes. I feel sorry for them entering the workforce saddled with enormous debt and disillusionment. Achieving success takes hard work that must be done. You have to eat rice and beans before you can eat steak. I wish them the best of luck.