Taking It to the Street

by Anita Peltonen

Where would you evacuate to, if you had to?
“I probably would not be able to evacuate, due to lack of funds and a car. Many in this community are in that position.” ~Liz Velez, Beacon “Eden Village Camp, west of Cold Spring. It’s a self-sustaining eco-village with a farm, goats, chickens and cabins.” ~Bekah Starr, Beacon “My father was just talking to us about it yesterday! We’d go to the mountains — to the Catskills.” ~ Ben Enno, Hopewell

One thought on “Taking It to the Street

  1. Let’s be realistic. In case of a nuclear emergency at Indian Point, it will be nearly impossible to go anywhere by car due to overcrowding and accidents that prohibit movement (see Fukushima evacuation).