Philipstown Election Results (Unofficial)

Merando defeated as Philipstown clerk

Cold Spring Mayor
Charles E. Hustis III (OCS) – 286 (40%)
* David E. Merandy (PP) – 421 (59%)

Cold Spring Trustee (2 seats)
* Marie E. Early (PP) – 434 (36%)
* Frances Murphy (BTB) – 510 (43%)
Margaret P. Parr (OCS) – 247 (21%)

Philipstown Supervisor
* Richard R. Shea (D, TP) – 2,101 (99%)
Write-in – 31 (1.45%)

Philipstown Trustee (2 seats)
* Judith A. Farrell (D, TP) – 1,786 (34%)
* Robert Flaherty (D, C) – 2,329 (44%)
Corey Lyons (R, C, I) – 1,117 (21%)

Philipstown Highway Superintendent
* Carl Frisenda (D, TP) – 2,306 (100%)

Philipstown Clerk
Tina M. Merando (R, C, I) – 1,370 (47%)
* Tara K. Percacciolo (D, TP) – 1,532 (53%)

Philipstown Justice
* Stephen G. Tomann (R, C, I) – 1,750 (99%)

Putnam County District Attorney
* Robert V. Tendy (R, C, I, L) – 13,523 (99%)

Putnam County Judge
Camille S. Linson (D, L, SAM) – 7,838 (42%)
* Joseph J. Spofford Jr. (R, C, I) – 10,649 (58%)

Putnam County Legislator (District 5)
Rebecca C. Swan (D) – 730 (37%)
* Carl L. Albano (R) – 1,222 (63%)

Putnam County Legislator (District 6)
* Paul E. Jonke (R) – 1,765 (100%)

Putnam County Legislator (District 9)
* Neal L. Sullivan (R) – 1,344 (99%)

State Supreme Court Justice, Ninth District

* Gina C. Capone (D, R, C, I)
Putnam Valley justice
Putnam: 16,639 (25%)
Total: 320,707 (21%)

* Lewis J. Lubell (D, R, C, I, SAM)
Westchester County judge
Putnam: 16,030 (24%)
Total: 320,469 (21%)

* Steven L. Milligram (D, R, C, I)
Monroe town judge
Putnam: 15,797 (24%)
Total: 315,381 (20%)

* Nancy Quinn Koba (D, SAM)
Ossining town judge
Putnam: 7,561 (12%)
Total: 202,816 (13%)

Robert H. Freehill (R, C, I)
Orange County judge
Putnam: 9,490 (14%)
Total: 146,075 (9%)


Philipstown: 42 percent
Cold Spring: 56 percent
Putnam County: 30 percent

Party Key

BTB = Back to Basics
C = Conservative
D = Democratic
G= Green
I = Independence
L= Libertarian
R = Republican
OCS = One Cold Spring
PP = People’s Party
SAM = Serve America Movement
TP = Team Philipstown
WF = Working Families

Percentages do not always add up to 100 because of write-in votes. Vote totals as of Nov. 6, not including absentee ballots

2 thoughts on “Philipstown Election Results (Unofficial)

  1. I would like to extend my congratulations to the three incumbents in Cold Spring on their re-election. I learned a great deal from this cycle and it will better prepare me for future runs. Thank you to all the people who voted and believed in me and my vision of Cold Spring. I truly believe in working together for the common good and we can do wonderful things for this village.

    Hustis was a candidate for Cold Spring mayor.

  2. I’m grateful to the many people from every party who worked so hard to share this campaign’s messages in the race for Putnam County Judge. It was my pleasure to meet and form new friendships with so many dedicated people who every day serve others, through their work and in their lives. I was inspired by your generosity, respectfulness, and willingness to genuinely listen and share regardless of political party affiliation.

    I believe that our campaign contributed to countywide conversations about integrity and leadership, and in particular further increased awareness of the devastating impact of the opioid crisis on Putnam County families. We must continue to act together, regardless of party politics, not only to stop the opioid epidemic but to further unify our countywide community.

    I will keep working hard with everyone across Putnam to serve those who can use our help. As one of my Treatment Court graduates said to me last night, setbacks happen. We use them to learn and move forward. Thank you, Putnam.

    Linson was a candidate for Putnam County Judge.