More Public Parking Coming to Beacon

The Beacon City Council on Dec. 9 authorized city officials to buy this lot at the corner of Wolcott Avenue and Beacon Street from the Lewis Tompkins Hose Co. for $325,000. The city plans to open the lot, which is being used by the department and the adjacent St. Andrew’s Church, to the public. (Photo by Jeff Simms)

2 thoughts on “More Public Parking Coming to Beacon

  1. We don’t need more stinkin’ lots! Beaconites benefit from increasing pedestrian, not petrol, connectivity. For starters, shift local, county, state and federal funds from spending mostly on asphalt and vehicle crutches to investments in a straight-shot, old-school, red-brick mall (not the shopping center stuff) laid out between the new train station (replacing the non-station in place) and Main Street for thousands of people daily to walk.