Unlocked Car Break-ins Continue

Police warn residents to lock vehicles

Another rash of thefts from unlocked cars occurred in Nelsonville and Cold Spring overnight on Nov. 14.

Larry Burke, the officer-in-charge of the Cold Spring Police Department, said the agency had questioned a “person of interest” in the early morning hours but that no arrest was made. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the investigation, including review of surveillance camera footage.

Burke said the would-be thief rummaged through a number of vehicles but that there were no reports of anything being stolen. In other recent thefts from cars, only cash was taken.

One thought on “Unlocked Car Break-ins Continue

  1. Hopefully someone has a house camera to help the police out. They have been all over, i.e., my friend had two cars hit in Fishkill. They did not even take funds that were in the cars, they were looking for keys. Apparently there were two vehicles stolen. Sad.