BAU in Bloom

Spring is inspiration for Beacon group show

The members of the Beacon Artist Union are ready for spring.

“The artists met, and, knowing that there was going to be a group show in March, worked on an uplifting theme,” explains Linda Lauro-Lazin, a newer member of the collective. “Bloom seemed to be something that everyone could work with, literally and figuratively.”

The exhibit opens from noon to 8 p.m. on Second Saturday (March 12), with an artists’ reception from 6 to 8 p.m., and runs through April 3. BAU is located at 506 Main St.; see

Here, a selection of BAU members describe works that will appear in the show.

Jebah Baum, “Untitled 3”
“My images for the show are a humble homage to the awakening of spring and hopeful talismans for the heart’s resurgence after a long, frozen winter.”

Daniel Berlin,
“Flourish #1”
“There’s the notion of an energetic outburst in springtime, a flourishing that suggests abundance and optimism.”

Fruma Shrensel, “Delights”“This is one of a series of sculptural pieces representing the quality of joy that exists in each of us.”

Linda Lauro-Lazin, “Threshold – David”
“With this specific body of work, I examine the ephemeral nature of certain night-blooming flowers. Beginning with photography, my drawing lines are determined by examining the shift of light in a changing threshold along the edge of the flower.” 

Robyn Ellenbogen, “Bloom”
“My paper tapestry is inspired by an ancient Buddhist text entitled the Lotus Sutra. Reading and copying this text in my own hand throughout the pandemic helped me. I am a Buddhist priest, and making something to more deeply understand complicated texts helps further my spiritual mission.”

Pamela Zaremba, “Still Here” 
“This photo is about finding the beauty in the loneliness of waiting. I took this image in Florida at my in-laws’ house, which has been untouched since the 1980s. The filtered light cast a deep tone of blush on an old arrangement, as if it were remembering longing.”

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