Village Board Candidates’ Forum (Video)

2 thoughts on “Village Board Candidates’ Forum (Video)

  1. Great video! Thanks to Paper for providing this valuable service to the community; a fair, friendly and non-biased forum for voters to help evaluate candidates.

    One of the candidates made a statement in the video that really bothers me because I think it’s very misleading, and I wanted to correct the record. Mr. Molloy has characterized his candidacy as an effort to provide an “independent” voice. In my view, it’s quite the opposite. All the candidates and the three trustees that remain in office are all totally independent, except for Mr. Molloy. As a local career politician and bureaucrat on the right, he represents a county-wide right-wing political establishment informally known as “Club Putnam,” along with a small faction of the local population that demands strict adherence to their opinions by all others. In addition, the PCNR, a local right-wing political “newspaper,” boosts Molloy’s candidacy in print while shamelessly attacking other candidates and even individual citizens, acting as a enforcer of people who express non-approved opinions. The only independence I can see is independence to represent these other interests instead of the majority of Cold Spring residents and their needs.

  2. Unfortunately, an “independent voice” is a thing of the past. Running as a team is not independent. We don’t want an independent candidate, we want our candidate, the one that stands for only the things “I” stand for. Birds of a feather flock together; that is just human nature. The divide in Cold Spring is real and here to stay. Large media (two newspapers) and social media have certainly helped destroy the good nature of Cold Spring by creating an “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” attitude. I sat at many multiple-hour meetings only to wake up the next day to read about it in two papers and many social media groups and pages with each one portraying a completely different story. How does that happen? Because we want everyone to believe things that we believe the way we believe it. Hypocrisy also loves Cold Spring. Its hysterical to hear “both sides” cry poor me about how mean and distrusting and how the other “wing” wants to force their ideology on “us.” You can blame politicians, papers, media or anything else. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We side and say whatever we want without caring who or how it may offend or effect each other. That’s what we have and that’s what we are feeding into!