Fuel Café Begins Composting

All Sport joins Beacon initiative

The Fuel Café at All Sport in Fishkill is the latest business to join Zero to Go’s Compost Program to reduce waste. The café has switched all of its cups, containers and utensils to those that can be placed in compost and has added a compost bin for food scraps. The paper waste and scraps will be taken to Zero to Go’s Beacon facility to be turned into soil.

The Fuel Cafe

To learn more about the Zero to Go program, which is open to both residents and businesses, visit communitycompostco.com. Scraps can also be dropped off each week at the Beacon Farmer’s Market for $1 per pound. Zero to Go also offers pick-up services.

Among the organic material that can be composted are leftovers, fruit and vegetable scraps, shellfish, meat, bones, fish, dairy, food-soiled paper, bread, eggshells, flowers, coffee filters and grounds, tea bags and compostable utensils. Plastic, glass and metal cannot be composted but should be recycled.

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