Philipstown to Pave Nine Roads

The Philipstown Highway Department will pave a number of roads on Wednesday, Sept. 20 through Saturday, Sept. 23, weather permitting. Paving will take place each day between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

On Sept. 20 and 21, the department will pave Perks Boulevard, Perk N Sons Court, Hy Vue Terrace and Oak Ridge Drive. For school bus information, call Haldane at 845-265-9254, ext. 171.

On Sept. 21 to 23, the department will pave Steuben Road, Schuyler Lane, Putnam Road and Birch Terrace. For school bus information, call Lakeland at 914-528-4445.

On Sept. 25, the department will pave Winston Lane. For school bus information, call Lakeland at 914-528-4445.

For further information, call the Highway Department at 845-265-3530.

One thought on “Philipstown to Pave Nine Roads

  1. Where is South Mountain Pass on the list of roads to be paved? We have been residents of South Mountain Pass since 1968. The cost to taxpayers to repair, rebuild and grade over half of the Pass just this year must be immense because a crew and equipment are there to do this work after every heavy rainfall, of which there have been a growing number as climate change asserts itself on our lives. A portion of the Pass was paved, to great effect, and with equally great appreciation by the vast majority of those living on and using the Pass. Less than a handful still object to paving, but the success of the partial paving is impossible to deny. However, half a loaf is not enough, not nearly. Gather your courage, those who run the town, and add the Pass to your list.