Stricken Hiker Rescued on Anthony’s Nose

First responders call in NYPD helicopter

On Sunday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m., the Continental Village Fire Department and other agencies responded to an emergency call on Anthony’s Nose near the Bear Mountain Bridge after a hiker suffered a heart attack.

First responders watch a helicopter position itself over Anthony’s Nose for a rescue. (Photo provided)

A team of seven rescuers — four firefighters from Continental Village, an EMT from Peekskill EMS, a paramedic from Cortlandt Regional Paramedics and a New York State Park Police officer — reached the victim after 25 minutes of hiking.

The rescuers called in a helicopter from the New York City Police Department, which lowered a paramedic to assist. The hiker was taken to Westchester Medical Center. The rescue took about three hours.

2 thoughts on “Stricken Hiker Rescued on Anthony’s Nose

  1. Thank you to these rescuers. This mountain is intense and straight up hiking. You can get very winded even being used to hikes. Praying for a quick recovery.