In Legislature, Montgomery wins reelection


Kevin McConville unseated Robert Langley Jr. as the sheriff of Putnam County, according to unofficial results released by the Board of Elections on Tuesday (Nov. 2).

McConville, a former chief of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police force, defeated Langley with 57 percent of the vote. Although absentee ballots have not yet been counted, McConville’s 3,148-vote lead was more than could be surmounted by the 1,853 mail-in ballots distributed by the BOE.

McConville (R) 12,222 (57%)
Langley (D) 9,074 (43%)

unofficial tally as of Nov. 2; does not include absentee ballots

The turnout was 31 percent among 69,709 registered voters. The results are unofficial until the BOE tallies the absentees starting Nov. 16 and certifies the vote.

Langley, a Democrat, was attacked by both McConville, a Republican, who asserted the sheriff had broken the law by discussing campaign politics while on duty and on his county-issued cellphone, and County Executive MaryEllen Odell, a Republican who endorsed McConville and accused Langley during the last week of the campaign of poor leadership because of two legal actions involving deputies. The eight Republican members of the Legislature also spent months grilling Langley about overtime spending and COVID-19 policies.

In 2018, Langley defeated Republican incumbent Don Smith by 324 votes of nearly 25,000 cast. Smith had been embroiled in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by a former Putnam County district attorney, Adam Levy.

McConville had run unsuccessfully for sheriff twice before, in 2009 as a Democrat and in 2013 as a Republican. He began his career in law enforcement as a Cold Spring police officer.

Putnam Legislature

Nancy Montgomery, a Democrat who represents Philipstown and part of Putnam Valley in the county Legislature, easily won a second, 3-year term by defeating Republican challenger Barbara Scuccimarra. Montgomery unseated Scuccimarra in 2018 with 58 percent of the vote and won reelection on Tuesday with 61 percent.

Montgomery (D) 2,438 (61%)
Scuccimarra (R) 1,534 (39%)

unofficial tally as of Nov. 2; does not include absentee ballots

In other Putnam legislative races, Republican Ginny Nacerino kept her seat representing Patterson by defeating Stacy Dumont with 63 percent of the vote and Republican Joseph Castellano defeated challenger Scott Reing to represent Mahopac/Brewster with 62 percent of the vote.

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