There is so much I want to say, and so many people to thank. I will do all of it soon. It’s hard right now to think straight.

From every family member, we thank our Homestyle Bakery customers, strangers and loved ones in our communities in Peekskill, Philipstown and Cortlandt Manor; the Haldane and Garrison school districts; New York State troopers; Cortlandt Manor, Garrison, Continental Village fire departments; Peekskill and Garrison ambulance corps; and staff at the Westchester Medical Center.

We truly appreciate all the prayers from all over the world. It helps so much and my daughter, Theresa, is fighting every single day to get better. Thank you for the cards, texts, gift cards, donations and phone calls.

The love and support has been more than anything we could ever imagine. Thank you all so much.

Laura Timmons, Garrison

Theresa Timmons, 16, a junior at Haldane High School, was critically injured in a car crash on Dec. 15 and remains hospitalized at the Westchester Medical Center.

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