Shabbat Across America With Reform Synagogue on March 1

Nation’s synagogues celebrate together on March 1
On Friday evening, March 1, the Philipstown Reform Synagogue (PRS) will host Shabbat Across America, along with hundreds of other synagogues across the United States and Canada. This yearly national event brings thousands of people together on the same Friday evening to celebrate and explore the meaning of Shabbat (Sabbath in English), considered the most important ritual observance in Judaism. The Hebrew word “Shabbat” comes from the Hebrew verb shavat, which literally means “to cease.” All are welcome to attend this event, which will take place in St. Mary’s Parish Hall on the corner of Routes 9D and 301 in Cold Spring, beginning at 6 p.m. Shabbat evening prayers will accompany the lighting of candles (everyone’s candlesticks are welcome) followed by a potluck dinner.